Must Watch! Viki Gomez Freestyle Full Movie by Wildschnitt

Viki Gomez Freestyle FULL MOVIE from Wildschnitt on Vimeo.

Viki Gomez teams up with Camillo @ Wildschnitt to bring you this Must Watch edit! The mix of killer riding footage and narrative is a winner. Shot in some great locations, Viki drops a ton of knowledge about his riding, his motivations, originality, riding with friends, his progression, this is truly great!

14 thoughts on “Must Watch! Viki Gomez Freestyle Full Movie by Wildschnitt

  1. that crossfooted gturning hitch was tight,! and the talking to.
    Arigato gracias merci danke bedankt for the motivation !

  2. There is that specific moment when you see combos flowing that good that you can only describe them as “japanese”. Viki got some of those here.

  3. Maybe the best video parts of Mr Viki Gomez after what we saw on the Impulsivity dvd. So so good, so so exiting, amazing stuff, so hard to find the right words. Respect to you Viki!!
    Only one comment: Viki, as a good spaniard, doesn’t have a accent that allows easily to the non english speakers to understand him clearly, so I think that subtitles are the missing little things on that master piece.
    And great job Mister Gutierrez!

    • So progressive, love all the combos, but the last few combos at the undercover spot hit the spot for me! Amazing steam kickflip crack turbine to left handed halfpacker, so progressive in all his riding, and great words also! Thanks camillo and viki for this one!

  4. Vikis words are just as powerful as his tricks. This statement is the definition of hardcore flatland.

    “I don’t ride for money, I ride for passion.”

    Super stoked on that statement.

    This video is the definition of hardcore flatland.

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