Must Watch! Viki Gomez – Something in the Way

something on the way.. from Viki Gomez on Vimeo.

“Creativity is a blessing, it is my life! This “unfinished” project have been filmed from January 2015 until August 2015, trying to find a new me, trying to go out of my comfort zone and trying to be different. When I go my own way I feel free.These are moments that I want to share and give to Flatland. It is infinity! The search never ends, it feels infinity when you search! Keep the search..this is life!”

Viki Gomez has been talking about working towards this edit at the last few contests I saw him at this year. Stacking up so many amazing clips to make a 9:35 long video that had me gripped to the screen and hitting rewind on the first watch.

A few moments that stood out to me that I wanted to share:

1:04 – Two footed dump truck to backwards xft ice cream half turbine body varial to two footed dump truck pivot back to backwards xft ice cream shove it x over opposite xft ice cream to opposite forward rope on pedal pivot xft time machine! One of the best combos of 2015 so far!

4:25 – xft boomerang two foot guillotine pivot to crack.

7:10 – pedal five line into xft spinning circle k on the pedal.

The list could go on…

Viki is at the top of his game, managing to juggle the lifestyle of travelling as Red Bull athlete always at the airport to the next show, winning contests and producing video parts like this, an absolute must watch edit that has made a rainy day in Southsea not so bad! Thank you Viki!

31 thoughts on “Must Watch! Viki Gomez – Something in the Way

  1. A true artist at the peak of his career. Amazing riding, music and the feeling you’re just sitting there watching him live with the snip its of audio from the barflips, kickflips etc. thanks for the moning video enjoyment, gonna sit down and watch it again!

  2. On his Game as always , giving us a treat of backweel and front wheels tricks that you cannot get enough of !! Great job Viki. Waiting already for part 2 !!

  3. In a word: Incredible! Vikki, you are one of the most amazing flatland riders out there! I’m with everyone else above, this is the edit of 2015 thus far and going to be a heck of a tall order to beat! So inspiring to watch you ride Vikki, by far one of my favorite riders out there and not just for the riding because you are a real pro across the board and a super nice guy on top of it all! Keep up the good work man!

  4. I rarely listen to the music with edits, for some strange reason the music can influence my enjoyment of the riding and vice versa. I addition, my truncated attention span usually makes it difficult to watch eight plus minutes of one rider on the first sitting. That said, I am so glad I listened and watched this right now. There are few people I can imagine being able to hold up their end of a performance with Nirvana, this, however, was a perfect match. The levels of artistry were truly complimentary! Can’t imagine being more moved by some beautiful ridding!!!!

  5. its so good to listen one of my favourite international band Nirvana, combined with one of my favourite riders. Perfeito.

  6. First of all it was an honor meeting you Viki at Voodoo !!!!!!! Loved your riding since 1999 on the bright orange quamen , when you rode for Jnco jeans and did bar reg- switch hand mc circle full bar to tomahawk , wrist comfortable to wrist uncomfortable !!!!!!!!! loved that small subtle detail !!!!!!! Now this edit ………….BIG E WAS DEAD ON naming some highlights in it , like that rolling under taker -switch b – to back yard roll , the way you cross ice cream roll , looks like youre going to fudge pack , INSTEAD keep pivoting to pumping junk rol !!!!!!! Love that !!!!! The forward x half hike pivot -half pack , spinning pedal k , FULL body varial peg wheelies , the fact that you can nail that switch hand steam pressure flip to bar small crack during ANY part of your combos , the CONTROLLED manual to time machine , like BIG E SAID AGAIN , that x boomerang out of fire haul to step over x hang ten DIRECTLY PIVOTED to crack , switch hand steam , foot PEDAL steam mid combo , smoooooooooooth no hand two foot death trucks , etc !!! etc !!! Ive been studying this edit after work all week , loved the music with how it blends with your riding too Viki !!! Enjoyed watching you ride and meeting you again !!!! Keep shredding !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gonna watch this edit some more then go sesh my garage in honor of it !!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS AGAIN BIG E FOR CHOOSING THE MUST WATCH EDITS ALSO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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