Old school sundays…

This weeks OSS is with one of my Hutch team mates, Darren Pelio, infamous for his lever scraping karl kruzers, which Moto Sasaki brought back to the mix in his own way, check it out! Great riding from Darren

5 thoughts on “Old school sundays…

  1. Sick rider half of the experts back in late 80's were better than the pro's ,and like you say E the Karl Kruiser has been reserected by Moto such a cool trick the way Darren does them ,awesome run even the way he does his bar spin backwards infinity roll ,great stuff.

  2. That was a really good run,when you think about it things haven't changed that much in 22 years. I do remember wearing those balloon pants on team Hutch until E's dad let us cut them into shorts 🙂

  3. That was awesome. Some times I miss the old days. I like to sit back and think about those days. It was so much fun back then. Even though I could barly do any tricks back then I really had a passion for it. Thanks for Old School Sundays!

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