Old School Sundays

This section from Chad Johnston’s Reality Tv Part 2 at Pete Kearney’s RIDE Contest in So Cal, is amazing! Great footage of Jesse Puente bringing the plasticman and xft hitchiker on video for the first time, not to mention the junkyard turbine to caboose, there is a ton of other great footage from the likes of Chase Gouin, DMC, Perry Mervar, Bill Nitschke, and many more, a must watch if you haven’t already seen this, it may open your mind!

9 thoughts on “Old School Sundays

  1. Yeah man lets start off by saying if your under a certain age and want to know what was up in 1990 organised by flatlander Pete Kearney this comp watch this educate yourselves and try duplcate those tricks damm hard , i have this still and Jeff Rugg,Jason Hughes,Sean Johnson etc all play there part here as well as the usual suspects in the intro
    Bill Nitschke invented the whopper kids in 1990 although i don’t expect people to know that this comp i believe was where he debuted it some great rolling from Bill also,Perry Mervar was a machine i mean double handglider to rolaid crazy and some whiplash nose wheelie thing ,Chase was on fire ,Jesse Puente the thumbtack and other mad moves x ft hitch,plasticman etc this was the new breed of tricks at the time ,lets see more comments on here as this is part of our history as riders we learn that.

    there endeth the history lesson 🙂

  2. i get your code language Martti heh heh 🙂 ,Perry Mervar trick was a highlight for me also and Nitschkes whopper on that tank of a bike.

  3. I remember that contest as being in the beginning of 1991, not in 1990.
    I just checked old issues of Go, and it was in 1991. Still its 20 years
    old, and many of the current tricks done today were done a very long
    time ago now.

    Time Machine, Whopper, Cross Footed Hitchhiker, Plastic Man, Breakless
    perverts, Turbines.

  4. It says 91 on the youtube description. So many tricks got dropped, and at the time it was more amazing, because you didnt have the internet, just Go magazine with a few pages on the contest, Chad did a great job on the edit! I can watch it 20 years on and get pumped to go riding, thats pretty amazing!

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