Old School Sundays

The first OSS of the year, great upload from Matthew Dyer once again! The curb dogs/Skyway USA team perform a demo with the UK Skyway team in brighton. Riders are Dave Vanderspek (R.I.P.), Maurice meyer, Robert Peterson from the U.S. and Billy Stupple, Craig Campbell and Paul Hudson from the UK Skyway team.

11 thoughts on “Old School Sundays

  1. no they wern’t invented then this is 1984 ,hopping was the norm then Vander was just awesome (RIP) .The Plywood Hoods were breakdancers at this time.

  2. I don’t see any of these guys rocking a Potts mod, I like how the look is very futuristic at the time. The uniforms and mags make a rider look like an astronaut. Curb Dogs going global so early in the game.

  3. Skyway made Chris young some in late 84 ,these were the prototypes that went on to become the production pegs used in 85,Pat Romano made his own in 1983 so yeah i’m guessing home made jobbies, just a note Vanderspeks frame was also a Skyway prototype with a wishbone back end this never made it to the production stages though.

  4. http://www.23mag.com/com/skyway/skyway.htm Sept 85 Axle pegs go into production from Skyway and Vanderspeks prototype frame was pre Street Beat influenced model which was first released also in 1985.i recall in Freestylin mage Fall 84 Vander had a wishbone and Street Beat type bck end minus the platform seems Skyway had their thinking caps on around this time,that was a classic frame.

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