Old School Sundays with Ali Barjesteh, Oliver Flohr R.I.P and friends

This weeks OSS is dedicated to Oliver Flohr who sadly passed away, R.I.P. Oliver. (For reference he is the rider with yellow bike.) There is a ton of good riding in this one, Ali’s halfpacker pivot to xft hitch 180 pivot/180 jump to hitch is incredible to this day! Don’t miss this one!

18 thoughts on “Old School Sundays with Ali Barjesteh, Oliver Flohr R.I.P and friends

  1. It might just be me but those bikes just look so great to ride! Looks like they are having lots of fun! And yes, it was hard to believe that last link was pulled 20 years ago..

  2. Marti Kuoppa hadn’t even started riding yet and Matthias was 1 years old when Ali did that. I don’t even think Kevin Jones was doing cross footed hitch hikers or backwards backpackers yet. Wasn’t Kevin’s Cross Footed Hitch Hiker debut in ’92 from Dorkin ‘5, and Backwards Backpacker debut from Hypnosis in ’93? Jesse Puente was doing Cross Footed Hitch Hikers in 1990 though, but Ali’s combo is completely bonkers for 1990, and is still bonkers in 2013.

  3. K.Jones presented in 89 hikers in dorkin 3 and whips backpacker in dorkin only 4 in 90. In 91 J.Puente was the first to make the x-foot hitch. The rest of the mortals only came to learn long dpois. video is 93 for more

  4. No way is this 1990. Kevin debuted the time machine in dorkin 4 which came out on nov 1990. He debuted the turbine dumptruck in dorkin 4 1/2 in 91. No disrespect but i doubt these guys were doing these tricks first. Kevin rarely did tricks in the dorkins that had already been done. The guy in the last link is running graveyard or imitations on what looks to be a standard shorty neither of which were around til 93 or 94

  5. Thank´s for the Amaizing Comments!!
    90% of the footage was filmed between 1989 and 1991. The last combo was from winter 1995. See discription of my original post. Cheers, Ali

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