Pat Schoolen – Recovering from operation to remove Tumor

Terrible news broke on Pat’s facebook late last night, but the great news that this is past him! From all of flatland we hope you make a speedy recovery! Thank you for all you do for flatland Pat! It is appreciated! Sometimes when you hear of news like this flatland doesnt matter! Here’s what Pat posted on his facebook! We all wish you a speedy recovery!

“I almost never post on FB. I never update my status. But I feel the need to now. Many friends, customers and colleagues have been wondering why there have been slow to no response from me when they have recently sent me a FB msg, txt msg, email, voicemail, etc. I know it has been especially of concern to those in the bmx world because the JoMoPro Flatland BMX Contest is less than 2 weeks from now and I am one of the producers of this event. A months or so ago I was diagnosed with a having a tumor on my adrenal gland and kidney called a pheochromocytoma. Because this type of tumor is very dangerous to operate on I was put on a 3 week regimen of some nasty drugs to block the effect of the abnormal level of hormones this tumor was producing. That about killed me in itself. Ugh. A week ago today I had surgery to remove the tumor. 2 days in ICU, 3 more days in a regular hospital bed and I am home now with the worst week of my life behind me. I still have some recovery ahead of me from surgery but things are looking good. I am back now among the living. I am hoping to be back riding my bike again and playing roller derby soon. See everyone in Joplin April 21st and at Spring Roll in Ft. Wayne May 12th.

18 thoughts on “Pat Schoolen – Recovering from operation to remove Tumor

  1. Get well soon Pat- always been a legend for correspondence, service and efficiency, so all the best for those same qualities to be present in your recovery!

  2. get well Pat, thanks for the kind words and advice that you gave me about my Dads cancer. peace and hope you back riding asap.

  3. Hey Pat!

    Being from a rural area of N.B. Canada, I called to purchase a bike from you a few years ago when I got back into riding after 15 plus years. You ended up taking the phone from your worker. I remember you saying that you don’t usually take orders but since I was old school you’d help me out! You and your staff were more than courteous and helpful. I go in next week for heart surgery, so I’m sympathizing with your situation. Sending you good vibes from the great white north.

    Until the next order!

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