4 thoughts on “Percy Marshall – Voodoo Jam 2019

  1. He was the last rider in our group ……when Bobby Burge ( who rode pretty damn well in his FIRST Flatland Voodoo Jam, as a Pro , he had BEEN PRO level since 2015, haha..) and I heard that Percy was in our group…….we both looked right at each other like ” Ohhhh sh-t , he’s gonna DESTROY the floor with his INTENSE riding style / combos ! ” HE DID JUST THAT……..just look @ this PRELIM run ……Percy was ON, and I was loosing my mind after riding in my run , then watching him jus t BUST OUT on his bike ! Thanks , TIMES 7 for capturing Percy’s MADNESS , just OWNING his bike , Jay Marley !!

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