Rob Ridge – Work in Progress

It is always a treat to see Rob Ridge ride, deep roots in flatland! And in this new “More Work in Progress the first part of the edit showcases Rob’s amazing decade/undertaker flat skills! Much respect Rob, a rider that truly stands out out from the pack. Bmx as a whole needs more of this!

11 thoughts on “Rob Ridge – Work in Progress

  1. NEVER get tired of watching this guy ride. I love watching people who bring a different vocabulary to a very common medium and expand its potential!

  2. Insane. Undertakers and nosepick tailwhips used to be my favorite tricks and watching Rob taking these two to such a high level is just beautiful. This video made my day!

  3. It’s so inspiring to see. He does a handful of tricks and he can pull something new every time he rides. Mind blowing!

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