Ryoji Yamamoto back riding!

Great news to start off todays posts, Yanmer back riding! This guy brought so much to flatland during his time at the top of the sport. Watching modern day flatland you can see what a massive influence Yanmer’s riding has had. Whether it’s the halfpacker inside xft steam pivot to steam switch, fire hydrant half to back pegs, or just the style. Heres a small part from “sleepwalker”, Yammer deservedly was killing everyone around this time period, winning big events, king of ground, circle of balance in germany, flatground in holland. Great to hear he’s back riding!

5 thoughts on “Ryoji Yamamoto back riding!

  1. Before I started flat. Amazing to see those flips and jumps back then. He rode a little like Simon. Similar pace to it. Good stuff. It sucks when people quit.

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