7 thoughts on “Saga’s Run 2019 – Saga Pro Class Semifinals

  1. Mos def , Valance ! These comps are SLAAAAAAMMMMMED , so dope to watch . Loving that Hidenori was also in da mix ! Wild…… him casually throwing that x-leg hiker right before the final began , haha. Really dug that . Funny ……seems to me just about every back wheel slayer………totally rips their FRONT wheel , also ! Like Dub , Penonzek , Chiquet , Sakuma , Itani , Cato , Ferrera , etc , etc !

  2. Had to comment again ……..WHAT A BATTLE THIS WAS ! So friggin good , so many W.T.F. moments throughout every single riders links , so many ….IS he gonna save THAT trick / transition during a combo …….and BAM , he saves the line ! Damn man , I really , really dig when every rider in a battle has completely different styles than one another . Youre like studying their subtle , technical differences while theyre going through their combos …..well at least I do this , haha . This whole battle had me hyped during all of it , again……WHAT A BATTLE !! I totally see why Valance is so about these events . Theyre SLLLLAAAAAAMMMMED with awesome , original , stylish , technical combos ……pulled in the heat of competition …….reminds me of the Red Bull C.O.B.events , especially the ones in 2002 and 2012 !!

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