Sakis Doumas – Pedaland!

Sakis Doumas killing the pedal game, “This is my most difficult combo with 2 signature switches and 1 signature rolling position. First jump is low back killer if you dont execute it properly,second switch is very tricky to master it at this speed.”

9 thoughts on “Sakis Doumas – Pedaland!

  1. Dropping down to that switch PEDAL , turbined rocket …..THAT position , can’t even imagine how much strength you’d have to have . Even just to hold it for a SECOND ! Linking the switch to a PEDAL gerator …….Talk about a MONSTER of a combo . This line STILL rules …..TODAY . Sakis is one of those riders WHY M.O.C. was created ! To put the cherry on top……..he even turbined the double PEDAL gerator , too . Original , difficult , and such a POWER combo , TIMES 7…………

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