Sam Foakes Flatmatters exclusive 2011

Late Wednesday night Sam Foakes made the long trip down from Manchester to experience the Indian summer we are currently having in Southsea! Due to his work commitments Sam hasn’t been riding much lately, not that you could tell, killing it right off the bat at my indoor spot, by the second session at Southsea Skatepark we filmed a brand new combo, pulled for the first time on camera with one of the best saves i’ve ever seen, yesterday was an awesome day! We rode a lot, shot some photos and video. Super fun! Check out this combo and couple of photos below..

10 thoughts on “Sam Foakes Flatmatters exclusive 2011

  1. sammie done killd it here jugling in the gturns !wicked yea

    and that finish wooh!

    missing southsea skatepark see you next year there !

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