Scott Powell – Pegless Hitchhiker

Pegless hitchhiker from scott powell on Vimeo.

Happy Independence Day for all to all our friends in the US, Scott Powell just dropped this and had to his to say:

“July 4th is Independence Day for the USA! Today I am declaring my independence from decades, from brakes, I am even declaring my independence from pegs!”

10 thoughts on “Scott Powell – Pegless Hitchhiker

    • Coming from down under I would not expect to understand. 241 years ago the 13 colonys broke free from England to form the United States. Today is the day we in the USA celebrate this. Far from a defeat – – – – unless of course, you are being petty and referring to something else?

    • Reg, yeah, that is the only way it would work. having your foot where the peg would be is too low and you cannot get the “pop” you need to get to the elbow glide.
      give it a try and you’ll see what I mean. even with your foot starting that high on the fork, it will slide down as you push forward. resulting in your foot ending up where it needs to be to do a hiker 🙂

  1. Crazy stuff… I can’t recall for sure, but I believe Pedro Melo was doing pegless hikers in the early to mid 2000’s at one of the old BMX worlds contests; some random pre-contest practice session clip where he had a white headband and red looking hair… anyone else remember this, or is my memory just going? lol Not trying to debate who was first or anything, as I’m sure many flat riders over the years have probably tried these during a laid back dorking session.

    • Ahh, take it back, just looked it up… Worlds 2004, he was doing hikers with only one peg up front. My bad.

      • I was going to say that I would not doubt it….I know he has had crazy set ups for many years and has awesome skills….I never saw him do it; it just made sense to me. This footage is from 2 years ago, I did them a few years before that too, just never got around to filming it.

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