Soulstyce Final videos

John Yull is on it, not only winning Am Best trick, but kindly uploading the qualifying runs and final runs pretty quickly for all of you worldwide who want to see the runs! Great to see a flatland event back on the West Coast!

7 thoughts on “Soulstyce Final videos

  1. I have best trick but it’s to large to publish I will chop up and post later today. They are closing the plane door so good bye LA.

  2. John is very motivating. After finding out hes OLD 😛 and dropping old school tricks and trying new ones at his age. CHEERS for that all the way!! Hope to see you again someday or maybe we should head out to the O.G. 🙂

  3. Haha thanks Thong. As far as I’m concerned there is no “new school” or “old school” it’s all freestyle to me. I think that’s part of the problem these days do what YOU feel is right for YOU be yourself! I’m 41 and this weekend I rode against teenagers and had a blast that’s what it’s all about! Your only as old as you let yourself feel.
    You know I can’t stay away from Cali for too long but your always welcome at the OG. I am just a young lad at 41 Howard…

    • Couldnt agree more John, flatland is too small for all that crap anyway to be honest, because it almost seems that riders that “consider” themselves new school, use the term old school like they are looking down on them, the truth is riders that consider themselves new school are doing old tricks, as John said be yourself, not enough individuals in this small sport….

  4. The term came fron hip hop heaven knows how BMX adopted it and it stuck i find it a bit pointless as time goes on it really makes no sense ,agree with John i hate the term we ride thats the bottom line ,age is irrelevant .

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