Jamsado – BMX Fun n’ Games in Bogota

JAMSADO : BMX Fun n' Games in Bogota from IGI BMX on Vimeo.

Nothing but good vibes from this “Jamsado – BMX Fun n’ Games in Bogota” edit put together by Jean William Prevost.

Dub had this to say about the jam: “IGI BMX, Tienda Flatland and Fade Footwear join hands to present the first ever JAMSADO. As the rain was approaching
early in the day, we decided to start with our flat games to get the footwear and IGI products out into the riders hands,
the games included;

– KICK BIKE, 5 rounds with 5 finalists and one finals to know the champion who won FADE shoes
– SCUFF JAM, the person who could hold a scuffing trick the longest to win a pair of FADE shoes
– HANG IN THERE , the longest HANG 5 for a pair of IGI SWEETSPOT pedals
– KOREAN ARM WRESTLING to win final prize ; a pair of IGI MICROPHONE PEGS

The last challenge took place at the Flatland Shop owned by the Palencia brothers who treated us all to a sick session of BBQ.
JAM + BBQ (asado in spanish) = JAMSADO !!!!
We hope to do this again somewhere in the world!
Thanks to everyone who took part,thanks to Juan,the Esteban brothers,Fade Footwear and IGI BMX #IGOTIT.”