Jean-Francois Boulianne on QuestBMX!

Joe Cicman, Minister of Propaganda over at QuestBMX just sent in this big news/interview! This news comes pretty much live from the AM FLT contest currently going down in Philly!

QuestBMX cannot be happier to announce that JF Boulianne has joined the team!
JF is a powerhouse of happiness and positivity. Always super-nice and cultivates a massive fan base. We sat down with JF for a welcome interview.

For people who aren’t as familiar with your awesomeness as other, talk a little bit about who you are, where you came from, and what you’re all about?
My name is Jean-Francois Boulianne, Hailing From Montreal, Canada. I am a traveling gypsy and I love to share my positive attitude everywhere I go. I am all about big rolling and crazy frontyard switches. I love to hang out on my pedals, in a plane or at someone’s house. I am mostly on the road and always meeting new friends.

You’re all over the world doing shows and competing. You’re seeing tons and people and having a blast. Now you’re spreading the word for QuestBMX / GuruStix. What kind of over-the-top plans do you have for the coming year?
Man honestly, I don’t know what the coming year will look like. I have been going with the flow most of my life. Now I feel like I wanna go head first into that flow and makes thing happen more than ever. One of my goal is definitely to make Flatland grow and get bigger. It’s good to get our sports on TV, but I think teaching the kid is also very important.

A lot of guys these days have damaged shins because they don’t wear protection. Speaking of protection, you pitched an idea for a signature condom line called Gurus’Dix. How does this creative brain of yours work in coming up with stuff like this?
My brain is my best friend, there is a lot of things happening in there. I come up with a lot of sick ideas, sometimes i put them to work or I leave them behind. Some people might say I am crazy, I’ll reply by “they aren’t enough”. Being crazy is one of the beauty of being alive! So protect yourself and the people around you by using the guru stuffs.

Anything you want to talk about? How about this question you ask yourself.
Actually Yeah, I am putting on that online creative contest. I really wanted to make something different that everyone could enter, kids,girls,grown up, bmx riders. So just like flatland I am gonna have people use their creative side. Basically you have to promote my “JFBMX” page, people can use any outlets they want to( Drawing,photoshop, video edit, anything). To register you will have to share the flyer photo on your page and from then I will look at the participants page every other day and the one that put his heart into this will win a great prize pack!!

Shout-outs will goes to all of you guys that support me and believe in me all the time. Odyssey, Marseille Bicycle, Bluebird Hosting, Hybition eyewear and Quest BMX.

Any final words?
Yeah – when I put these metaGuruStix on they felt really comfortable and I felt like it was something I’d been missing but never knew.

Jean-Francois Boulianne