Seiji Sakata diagnosed with Liver Cancer


I am sure many of you reading this, have already seen the sad news that Yohei Uchino shared yesterday. Seiji Sakata has been diagnosed with liver cancer, read on to see what Ucchie had to say, and show your support to Seji! Stay Strong!

“To all riders in the world(Please share)
Our long time friend Seiji Sakata who Wowed the world with a dynamic no-break riding style from 2002 to 2006, was recently diagnosed with liver cancer..
When he went to see a doctor for the first time, the cancer was already as big as 2/3 of his liver and told that the chance of survival was only low%..
Obviously low% chance of survival was a very devastating news to him but he is fighting his battle right now!
When you talk about a difficult situation with Seiji, he always had a way to find a breakthrough and won many contests in the past so I’m sure he can overcome this life threatening challenge against him with a support of fellow riders and friends.
I’m not talking about a miracle but I’m believing in his strength!
So what I would like to ask all of you international friends, is to send him a message to tell him that he is not alone.
Please find “Seiji Sakata” on Facebook and send your words to him so he can fight the battle with you!

This is supporters page!!

Thanks for reading this till the end!