Throwback Thursdays: Cory Fester / Battle in the Rockies Video Contest

The Battle in the Rockies video contest for a plane ticket to BITR 2014 got heated. Cory Fester is no stranger to dropping ridiculous video parts, Cory truly went on this entry. I mean I just watched this now and still am in awe not only of the line. But the bike toss at the end is enough to get our riding right now!

Throwback Thursdays – Cory Fester / Battle in the Rockies Video Contest

For a couple of years I would meet up with Cory Fester at the Intrikat Jam in Long Beach California, and pieces of this amazing line for the 2014 Battle in the Rockies come into my mind. I remember hours of crashing on the last switch handed fork wheelie jump through the frame to backwards halfpacker in the LBC underground, Cory’s dedication is next level! Five years on, this line is still absolutely cutting edge. Respect Cory!