TGM Jam + Brighton get together this weekend!!

This weekend Phil Dolan is organising a flatland jam at the the infamous TGM spot in West Norwood on Saturday, and on the Sunday, everyone is making it down the seaside in Brighton. Old farts get together, etc etc, just found this video of Phil and James at James’ infamous Level Vibes jam, enjoy this! Get down the mile or brighton this weekend, support the scene!

Level Vibes 3 from brian on Vimeo.

7 thoughts on “TGM Jam + Brighton get together this weekend!!

  1. Level Vibes certainly were, nice clips of no3 .
    Should be a great weekend of riding coming up also my 41st birthday Saturday i'll accept money as a present or those in a creative mood can sing to me ha ha.

  2. Cheers. I'm away this weekend but i'll pass it on to other locals. NB. I rode at the first Level Vibes when I was 13; was one of the best days of my life.

  3. If you come out of Brighton train station, straight down towards beach, turn right towards old pier. See you there!

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