The 2016 Flatmattersonline Year End Award Nominees are….


It’s that time, 2016 was a great year for Flatland. I’m sure I say that every year, but we evolve every year. This is one of the many great things about our art form/sport, it is one of the ingredients that fascinates us all.
The Nominees are as always fascinating, you the readers of Flatmattersonline have spoken once again, it is always interesting to see your views! I personally found the Rider of Year hard to pick just five, so I have six. I decided after much gnashing of the teeth, I would be just taking one rider out for the sake of it. Without further a due, below are the editorial and reader choice for the 2016 Flatmattersonline Year End Awards. Thanks to everyone that voted. The winners will be announced Tuesday January 10th, congratulations to everyone that has been nominated.

– Effraim Catlow / Flatmattersonline

Editorial Choice: Rider of Year

Matthias Dandois

Jean William Prevost

Pedro Melo

Viki Gomez

John Yull

Alex Jumelin

Editorial Choice: Edit of Year

Viki Gomez Viva Core 11

Matthias Dandois Flat side of things 3

James White Me Summer 2016 Bits

John Yull Fall

Charles Paty Windless 111

Reader Votes:

Rider of year

James White

Jean William Prevost

Viki Gomez

Pedro Melo

John Yull

Edit of Year:

Charles Paty Windless 111

John Yull Fall

Quentin Pelorson seeking part 3

James White me summer bits


Brand of the year:



Quest BMX

Kuoppa Gomez Bikes


Innovation of the year:

Joe Cicman: The Terradoom

Heresy BMX Descend 0/15 forks

Brandon Derbowka Suicide Hiker

Master of Creativity

Fishbone Rebel Fork

Contest Run of the year:

Moto Sasaki BITR

Ucchie Flatark Final Run

Viki Gomez BMX Cologne Final Run

Dominik Nekolny Flatark vs Ucchie

Pedro Melo, Master of Creativity, Final Video

Most Progressive rider:

James White

Pedro Melo

John Yull

Martti Kuoppa

Jean William Prevost

Breakthrough rider of the year:

Joe Cicman

Pedro Melo

Benjamin Hudson

Hidenori Ishizaki

Quentin Pelorson

20 thoughts on “The 2016 Flatmattersonline Year End Award Nominees are….

  1. I was HOPING for GIANNIS to be in there , Legend Guilds HAS a POINT about LINDSEY , especially ALL the CRAZY stuff hed post on his FACEBOOK ……………D A I L Y !!!!!!!!!!! STILL STOKED VIKIs MASTERS run got in here though !! Man I don’t KNOW HOW you do it BIG E , running this site 24-7 …….WITH RUNNING your SKATEPARK , I had a friend who ran a skatepark……..ITS AROUND the clock CONSTANT work , like ALL THE TIME !! UP KEEP , CUSTOMERS , VENDORS , ETC , ETC !!! THANKS AGAIN for THIS site !! We all LOVE YA for what you do !! ONE MORE THING …………….everyone watch APOSTASY by MATTHEIU !!! It has that riding SOLO at your sesh spot , getting in the mindset to progress / feel your bike VIBE !!!!!

    • @ Rodney, Adam, Lindsay…

      You the readers are the guys that vote, Lindsay for the record did get a number of votes its not like he didn’t get any (he got more than some top 5 pros!). But equally you can’t say, James White, Pedro Melo, John Yull, Martti Kuoppa and Jean William Prevost didn’t progress the sport this year. As a culture we need to respect what different riders bring to the table, you can’t please everyone.

        • If you were to say Martti and John for 2015 , I would have agreed. Nothing bad to say about their riding at all, saying didn’t see much footage from either for 2016 compared to some other riders. You are right,can’t please everyone.Simply stating my perspective. A concept not always welcome in the flatland world. Anyway. Effraim thanks for running the site.

          • I didn’t personally vote for Martti, the readers did, although MK did do a lot of things throughout the year that helped push our sport. John for me had an amazing year, so disagree with that.

        • I think you could say biased, if maybe the reader choices were different. But take a look Adam, also Lindsay didn’t really feature on the site all that much that is perhaps why he hasn’t featured as highly as what you are saying. Personally, I don’t care who wins, I just try to make the best call I can based on the coverage I see as I run through the site for the year.

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