The Alli Show Presents: Brett Banasiewicz.

Everyone so often I publish something from the rest of the world of BMX that I think relates, and this insight and relates to the editorial last week, great words from a kid so young still, who realises what makes the sport grow and progress.Good stuff!

6 thoughts on “The Alli Show Presents: Brett Banasiewicz.

  1. Sick riding from this guy. Remember my jaw dropping when seeing him ride for the first time ever at Cologne. I was out of the loop of what was happening in BMX at that time and never even heard of him, all of a sudden a teenager on a white bike shreds the hell out of the park. I was so psyched, awesome to watch!

    Great see that he’s doing positive things for BMX like building the skatepark. This kid’s got a great attitude!

  2. I live about 30 minutes from Brett’s new park (The Kitchen Skatepark). I don’t ride park but my son does and he’s pretty excited to say the least. 🙂

  3. sick rider this guy he’s the future must be 17 or something ,remember kids always wear safety boots and hard hats when on a construction site.

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