3 thoughts on “The Bmx Economics – BMX Union

  1. I think the article is pretty much spot on.
    Though i say there was a bit more innovation in Flatland with all the frame changes over the years but we are now getting closer to street frames (not saying it s a bad thing)

  2. Funny how I talked about a lot of the same things a few months back and got completely flamed for it. This is a really solid article and the only thing I don’t agree with is in-house companies being cheaper for the consumer. Never seen a US company come in anywhere near as affordable as their Taiwanese counterparts.

  3. This has happened before and will happen again.

    BMX grew quickly, brands and shops lost out because they hadnt produced enough product to meet demand.
    Everyone upped their orders, more brands jumped on the bandwagon and now we have the opposite problem.

    There will come a time again when demand outweighs supply and the cycle will start over.

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