Throwback Thursday with Perry Mervar

Can remember like it was yesterday ordering Bully Slow Ride just to see Perry Mervar ride, before this video dropped Perry was for many of us just a name or photograph in the magazine. Hit play for his hugely influential section from the 1990 Bully Slow Ride video, thanks to Michael Hughes for sending this in!

12 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday with Perry Mervar

  1. really enjoyed this throwback – crazy how time has flown by. thanx 4 posting. what’s Perry up 2 these days? anyone know

    • I don’t believe he trick rides anymore. I saw him a few years ago doing the Indiana Hilly Hundred and other road bike events.

  2. I think it was around the first X-Games event in San Francisco (maybe 1999 or 2000?) when Perry made a quick return to the contest scene that I first saw him actually ride after knowing him as the “Perry Doom” guy from magazines and conversations, and it was obvious he had crazy skills. I vaguely remember though that there were some folks salty on him for his older tricks and style at the time, which I always thought was kinda fk’d up… a Perry Doom may be old, but kinda like Martti’s steam kickflip to crackpacker, it never gets any easier to do. lol

    • I remember that and I can see both sides of the argument. Whatever the case I believe he continued riding after the fact, but maybe stayed away from the contest scene.

  3. The “Perry Doom” is definitely one of the craziest and hardest tricks ever done in Flatland. I’d like to see any of today’s top pro’s do one.
    I think the only other person that has ever done it is Trevor Meyer.

  4. My riding mate Matt Gardener does them and has for years. I believe Kelly Baldwin from the Houston area does them as well. That said….not a very big list.

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