Throwback Thursdays – Cory Fester 16 Days

Cory Fester 16 Days from cory fester on Vimeo.

I’m not even sure how many times I have re-upped this Cory Fester 16 days part, but I don’t care it is worth it. Yes I said “part”, although this was filmed in only 16 days it feels so much more than just an edit and it’s 8 years old right now and still stands up today. I am sure I am not the only one that goes back to this one from time to time for inspiration.

If you haven’t seen this part before, Cory gave himself how every many days the weather allowed before winter hit in Edmonton, Canada as a way to motivate himself.

Cory particularly destroyed the backwards half packer and almost every variation around it, go watch this, get inspired and get out there and push yourself.

Let me finish this, with a thought this in my head. Is this one of the best parts ever? let’s discuss this in the comments….

19 thoughts on “Throwback Thursdays – Cory Fester 16 Days

  1. Cory Fester 16 days part is like one of those underground hip-hop albums that the more you play it the more to appreciate it, Cory has def open a door that the concept hardly gets challenged.

    • Agree Valance, he and Simon and Sam on backwards halfpackers, as I said in description even though just 16 days Cory went in on this project. And the fact we are still talking about it eight years on is a beautiful thing.

  2. This video is really bad ass!!! So many tricks. So many hard variations…I dont care if its 8 years old, it looks refreshing and new when ever it shows up again!!!! Hell, jumelin is doing rollback boomerangs in contests and winning…hahahaha. Theres so much difficulty and danger going on in here….Great upload effraim. People need to see more varying styles of riding instead of just the modern modern…especially of the contest circuits.

  3. After watching this Ill tell you i want one of those OG gypsey frames?? I think thats the frame?? So i can do half packers again!!!

  4. Thanks for Re-posting E! Amazing video part for sure. I believe he has been working on his next video part for the past 8 years lol. Can’t wait to see that video drop. The complexity of the combos as he get to the end of the video is pure art. We need more footage from this man!

  5. This ……….is rad , BIG-E ! I , myself have been re-watching this edit and ALOT of his edits from 2010 lately . The way my mind works with riding is like this………….I watch riders , their combos , especially their techniques within / during tricks-transitions ……….as a way to motivate my riding . I prefer watching riders who are WAAAAAAAAAAAAY more skilled than myself , as it helps to me step back mentally ……compare what theyre doing to what Im doing / working on , which of course REALLY stamps that what Im working on isn’t THAT bad……….so it tricks my mind into learning / dialing whatever Im messing with in a particular session . I just keep thinking……..well , f-k …..its not like the switch Im doing is as hard as a backwards hang five , butterslip to halfpacker , inside circle …….to twitch / flip ….BACK into half packer , inside circle……….like Cory does , hahahahahahahahahaha . I know this sounds funny , but I swear Ive been doing this lately …and it works for me . Also , hell man I just love watching original , high-level , technical as f-k combos ! I could watch riding like that all day ….when Im not riding ….I can watch edits by Cory , you , Effraim , Viki , Hidenori , Hoteke , Giannis , Russia , Dom , Art , Terry , Masahi , Akira , Melo , Hudson , Osicka , Chad , Chase , Lisias , etc , etc……you get the idea . This edit is so , so rad by Cory ……his B.I.T.R. combo from 2014 ………STILL watch that , also . Cory rules !

  6. just spent last 10 mins rewatching 6:50~ over and over. There are probably a better word to describe all of it, but the ones that comes to mind are unassuming, yet absolutely mindblowing… thanks for posting this. Amazing edit

  7. I’ve never really considered flatland to be aggro but some of those spins – especially the backwards spins – gnarly! I personally like how he takes a variation of a simple trick like a tail whip and uses it as a transition between other tricks. But its the force and the speed of that tail whip that’s like WHOA! Very powerful riding! I agree with one of the other guys, lovin’ the different styles too! We need to see more of that! Alright, I’m done typing – gonna go watch it again!

  8. Thanks for posting this again. This part is amazing. Who else could put together an 8 minute edit of banger after banger, where NOBODY is trying to fuck with these tricks…! 8 years this has been out, and hardly anyone has tried anything close to these combos. Yeah Cory!

  9. So funny, I totally feel the same way about this edit and watch it often. When I think of great edits/parts this and the Rum hanger part are what I think of.
    Cory is a beast in this edit and the fact that it only took him 16 days to hit all this stuff is absolutely amazing!

    • Yes good point mark, flatland is often funny like that. I guess this is a platform where you can communicate what others might be thinking. It was just a feeling that week watching old parts for inspiration. In terms of backwards backpacker stuff, Cory, Simon, Dylan, Sam, Alexis, Ross, Kevin of course and i’m sure others deserve a lot of credit for pushing the artwork forward.

  10. September 1 2007 ……….The third T.X. Flatland Round Up comp , San Marcos T.X. ………Cory was there , Rob TEX Thayer brought him. Cory had , I think a fresh knee injury , put his bike together …………40 minutes BEFORE prelims , had TEN minutes practice………his first combo pulled pretty much secured his placing , I think 6th , 7th ?? His sh-t is THAT hard…….he DIDNT even need to finish his two and a half minutes left of his run , haha . Such a rad comp that was meeting him , seeing his lines live …………….I got last place at that comp , hahahaha. Don’t care though , was worth it to see his tea kettle-LEAP/ SWITCH signature combos. Agreed with Kale , this dude is mental on a bike…….always has been .

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