Throwback Thursdays – Props #3 / RIP Richard Zabzdyr 25 Years

This week marks 25 years since we lost Richard Zabzdyr (infamous for what he did for flatland with Graveyard products but also his fast spinning style) as he travelled back to California from the York jam featured on this episode of Props. Paul Palmer also who features on the York jam session is also no longer with us, hard to believe this has been 25 years. Golden era for sure so much great footage on this Props Issue 3, hit play for a trip down memory. RIP Richard Zabzdyr & Paul Palmer. Let’s take a moment to remember these legends.

2 thoughts on “Throwback Thursdays – Props #3 / RIP Richard Zabzdyr 25 Years

  1. Definitely some great fun riding in this era. Wonder if Matti Rose got the w/lash to pedal hang 5 after seeing Chris Young do it. All the riders were/are still great to watch in this. Thank you.

  2. Always loved this issue…it was my first York jam. Me and catfish and our local crew made the trek out and we are in the background of a few clips. Got to meet Zabzder as well I had just bought a pair of his bars.

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