Throwback Thursdays with Simon O’Brien

Back when this first dropped to help celebrate 6 years of Flatmattersonline I gave this edit the “Must Watch” tag! And for good reason, Just watch this edit, there are so many points that are worth rewinding in this edit. The first line that stood out to me was the 360 flip ride in a’la Andrew Faris to backwards halfpacker at 1:22, the nose manual full boomerang direct to backwards backpacker at 2:09, and the forward karl halfpacker stop dead kickflip to backwards halfpacker ender at 3:29 may all have us talking for years + Simon kills it on the deck of the ramps! Does it get any better than this? Simon is already filming for an up and coming flatland dvd with Stewart Munro, I’m excited to see what is next? This is incredible, hit the rewind and thank you Simon for taking the time to do this and share with us!

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