Toon Pakphum – Shadow Practice 4

Can anyone keep up with Toon Pakphum in 2019? Wow, this guy is making a big statement and his riding intent for this year. Under the tuition of the boss, Martti Kuoppa this year marks three years of work with MK for Toon, and the man continues to get better and better. Love the structured headings after each line in this one, hit play and admire the work that goes into this level of riding.

3 thoughts on “Toon Pakphum – Shadow Practice 4

  1. Gnarly! So much tech in this edit! Loved that 540 bar flip to end the power combo and that last banger! Well done Toon!

  2. Powerful training!! Toon has progressed so much under the coaching of the Boss…it needs a lot of stamina to keep the bike moving after all these really hard switches on those combos…he learned all kind of tricks like that cross footed rolling position moves and that helps pretty much the freestyle aspect.Well done Toon!Waiting for shadow practise 5…!

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