4 thoughts on “Vancouver jam 2006 edit

  1. That was such a great jam. Can't wait to get up to Vancouver again. If you are in the Seattle area this weekend the 2nd Annual Seattle Jam is going down on Saturday at Marymoor Park. Check out Global for more info.

  2. Wow.This was old one.This jam was best jam ever that i attended.Such a sunny day n so many nice riders came out,inspire each other chill drink and stuff.I definitely go once again someday!
    Nice one!!

  3. We are having our annual flatland jam again in Vancouver,this year will be on the labour day long weekend,so sept 4th is the date I thnk!! it will be EPIC,.so everyone try to make it!!

  4. billy_jag Where at?

    Well I am happy that I went to the last Vancouver MetroJam, it is very sad that it no longer exists.

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