Voodoo Super Kids/ Terry Adams Bike Giveaway + Voodoo Repo!

Voodoo Jam 2015 was all about these amazing kids from japan aged 11 and 13, they rocked the house right before finals! Not only that, one of the moments of the weekend was when Terry Adams gave away his bike in an emotional speech, watch the video you can see what it meant to Connor you had no idea this was going to go down! Hector Garcia just dropped an article about this giveaway, hit the link below:


2 thoughts on “Voodoo Super Kids/ Terry Adams Bike Giveaway + Voodoo Repo!

  1. Such a rad thing to do ! Terry didn’t even ride in the comp to do this , right before prelims I asked him to please do at least one Katrina in his run and he said he was doing this instead ! He said giving his bike to this kid would mean more to him than riding in the comp or riding that day at all !!! He was so passionate about getting this done ! again thank you to Scott and Terry for Voodoo Jam !!!

  2. Let me tell you those two kids were unreal !!!!!!!! Not only extremely humble and chill but complete monsters on their bikes !!!!!!!!!! During their demo I hurt my ankle jumping up and down screaming when they were nailing switch – hand turbine steam , mccircle combos , side yard , pack – half bar combos , DOUBLE decades , even OUT of combos , lash drag – to multiple fire haul combos , PEDAL time machine , X-UP mccircles , etc , etc, etc !!!!!!!!

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