Billy Borys Documentary

There aren’t enough documentaries about flatlanders that tell their story. Just came across this Billy Borys documentary once again that I haven’t watched in a while. I was fortunate enough to ride with Billy at the ESPN Seal Beach contest in 1998 and this documentary brought back some great memories for me from that time period. Billy if your out there, I hope your riding still. Respect.

6 thoughts on “Billy Borys Documentary

  1. whoa blast from the past. Kevin Jones showed up with this guy at our local riding spot in Lancaster, pa back in the Day and everyone was blown away. I didnt know who he was then or never heard or saw anything about him again…So weird….Thanks for posting

  2. That’s my family!! We grew up in the same hood. Always rode together till he moved again. Billy’s the man. I owe so much to him. Terry, thanks for sharing. Billy told me about this when you guys were making it. Sendin props and love out to you. This is Brent by the way, I got your number again off B-dog, I’ll be in touch. Peace.

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