BMXPLORATIONTOUR: Californiacation

Jean-Francois Boulianne stayed almost 4 months in California this winter, you can’t beat that winter sunshine feel that California offers. Great riding and a nice edit to boot from the likes of JFB, Pete Brandt, Sean Fontenot, Gabe Weed, Joel Moody, Robert Castillo, Shayne Khajeehnoori, Rich Slezak, Ahmed Johnston and many more.

9 thoughts on “BMXPLORATIONTOUR: Californiacation

  1. Warm climates just look so hospitable. Easy on the body and mind. So far away in so many ways unfortunately. Its good to see that those who can ride, do ride. Life’s crazy. Nice edit, gives some of us a chance to see something different than the holes we sit in.

    • Feel you buddy….its more easy to ride in warmer climate and your mind works better….Thanks God Greece gives that chance!!Nice edit and great vibes from great people….Thanks!!

      • After over a week in hospital, I got 3 plates in my face n jaw along with other injuries to heal. I’m going to miss most of the summer riding season in this shit hole known as Winnipeg. Living vicariously through these edits at the moment. Going to Greece on a riding trip is definitely an entertaining fantasy. Lookin forward to the next freestyler as always! Ride on brother!

        • Exactly 2 months ago on 13th of April i crashed really bad from a backwards ropearoni while i was riding my skyway streetbeat,landing hard with my head and my left shoulder and all the impact destroyed my shoulder muscles and dislocated my collarbone…. in the ambulance that took me from my spot i was thinking that that was it…i am finished.Took me 6 weeks to recover…1 month with the hand stabilished doing nothing and 3 weeks phisiotherapies…..Thats why i told you i feel you my brother Brent…..Next Freestyler #120 coming up this week is dedicated to you my man….My best wishes to you on a quick recovery and keep your mind occupied with flatland hermano….thats what i did and now am back…………….

  2. SLLLAMMMMMMED ……a variety of riding styles , legends in the mix , rad vibe / feel to this edit . Thank you J.F.B. for busting out on your bike , this edit……..and you , E …for really posting loads of choice / quality / hand selected content …….F.M. !

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