Bryan Huffman: Purple Winter 5


This week we have run out of Flatmattersonline exclusives, but nevertheless we have a nice treat for your Sunday viewing pleasure (or whenever you get round to watching).
Flatland lifer, Bryan Huffman has a huge trick bag and came through with this new “Purple Winter 5 Part” for you all at home filmed in Winston Salem, North Carolina over the winter, lockdown undercover riding spots are the one!

In related news: Bryan just got picked up by over in Arizona, USA. Congratulations Bryan!

Thanks for sharing Bryan, whose got episode 72 of the Flatmattersonline exclusives?

9 thoughts on “Bryan Huffman: Purple Winter 5

  1. Damn Bryan, thats a heavy bag of tricks. The no handed backpacker combos are sick stuff. AND you got framestand tomahawks?! That was awesome.

  2. NO handed ,double footed front yard ROLL !!! Carved , controlled ! I’ve seen just one rider ,maybe , like 3 since freaking 2005 that can tame , handle THAT move . Floating ,Kerry -K ,INSIDE circles AND frame stance ! So much stuff just thrown at ya …..back TO back ! Brian has a tricktionary , TIMES 7 ……ALWAYS has had one . It’s really wild to me that he’s still evolving his riding , pushing as hard as ever , WITH more knee surgeries than ANY rider in BMX’s history , ALL disciplines at that ! He’s done LOADS of stuff , kept up with Flatland’s unforgiving , CONSTANT waves of progression …….AND stayed a current threat in contests , the ones where ALL the HEAVY hitters compete in ! Always amazed how much content he posts on the weekly on Face Book , too . He’s forgotten , THEN remembered , filmed and posted more tricks ,combos , all DIFFERNET ones than I’ve personally even learned in my 46 years of living , riding , hahaha………Purple winter ?! More like……..PROGRESSION session winter , if ya ask me !!

  3. NO handed , Huff packer , spinning Karl , butter slip to side packer , switch hand steam -jump to Lard roll , all these back packer ( NO handed even , WITH jugglers ! ) Damn , campeon ………in such a tight session spot …..AGAIN , this edit SLLLLLAAAMMS !

  4. Thank you Rodney, I appreciate the kind words and hope you enjoyed it. Love your videos as well, your endurance is crazy.

  5. The only age bracket I watch anymore..The 45 and over club…Glad you are still at it ripping it up.Thanks for the motivation.

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