Dominik Nekolny’s back!

After a lengthy time off his bike recovering a fractured ankle sustained out at the UCI World Championships in Chengdu, China last year (he actually won that event too). Dom returns with a ridiculous line, welcome back Dom!!

3 thoughts on “Dominik Nekolny’s back!

  1. His rolling SLLLAAAAAAMMM DOZERED line , packed with X-LEG pivots , and his blend of CORE technicality , the SOUND of THAT song hes riding to , his tires screeching , the effortless, casual nature the way he lays down this combo …….all of this , and more ….I love about this edit of Dom . Gotta say ……33 , his voyage edit to persevere , with true grit , relentless determination ,to not only do well @ the Chengdu World Championships……but to just TAKE the victory , WITH all that was thrown @ him……..ALL @ ONCE ……..he said F-K IT …….and STILL went AND pulled his hardest sh-t , totally going all in , 177 PERCENT , rolling the dice…….an be damned ……he did it !! WORLD CHAMPION ! Stoked hes back on his bike , and is STILL hungry to push the difficulty , technical aspects of the sport …….again , VERY nice combo , here……………

  2. Dope link… Today is a good day for flatmatters. Viki, Faris, Dom… I can see the relation to these riders. Having a strong basis in tricks such as hitchhiker and backpacker that the guru K invented, they build an agenda of their own style and putting originality made them such great flatlanders… Welcome back Dom… That line is crazy hard and I can see the struggle in there to pull it as I was also off for 7 months… I understand. Keep it up… You are awesome.

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