Episode 41: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Jason Kale


It’s crazy to think we are fast coming towards 50 episodes of the Flatmattersonline exclusives, and today we have a feature with Jason Kale from the York, Pennsylvania area in the US.
Jason comes through with a different take on filming a line where he links between tricks in a snappy style, inside hang 5 to no handed 5, whiplash, manuals, hang 5, mega spin, and so on.. This was a fun episode, thanks Jason for contributing.

Whose got episode 42? Dropping Wednesday….

7 thoughts on “Episode 41: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Jason Kale

  1. STOKED ya stepped up for episode 41 , Jason ! I love how you SLLLAAAAAMMED DOWN your video clip with not only some new stuff , but also with how you naturally record your numerous edits ……just FREESTYLING going with whatever comes to mind @ that split milli-second , DOPE indeed !! Giannis , you , Nick Watts , John Huddleston , Steve Roy , Jesse Hicks , etc…….are just a few cats who instantly spring into my mind , when thinking about riders who RULE @ FREESTYLING their lines , second by second ! RAD exclusive , man………

    • Cheers campeon. You along with Jason are the real flatland freestyle lifers who always keep pushing further… Let alone the positive feedback Ive got from you guys since 2014 I started the freestyler series.. And thanks you it continues…

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