Master of Creativity: Recap Pro 2020 Qualification

Many of you will have seen the entries from the Master of Creativity Pro qualification round unless you have been in a cave or something, however it is still awesome to see all the top ten entries back to back and some new faces rising to the top. Congratulations to all the finalists, finals is going to go off! Congratulations to Yu Shoji taking the top place spot. Good luck everyone for the final round…

4 thoughts on “Master of Creativity: Recap Pro 2020 Qualification

  1. and among all these amazing moves, Pedro Nascimento just killed the game of the death truck!!! wtffffffffff woOw that was mental!!! can’t believe what I saw there, what’s next after that???

  2. Ive watched this at least 5 TIMES !! Every year M.O.C. is getting more and more and more……..AND ….M O R E outta hand with the level of ORIGINALITY and HIGH LEVEL difficulty in EVERYONES riding , TIMES 7…..I was over the moon to have participated in M.O.C. in 2018 and this year ! Hell ….EVERYONE should support THIS ! Its one of the greatest things to EVER happen to our sport . These TOP finalist in THIS edit ……..bruuuuuuuv……..just WATCH THIS NOW , thats reason alone to compete / support M.O.C. , because look @ how far M.O.C. is PROGRESSING bmx flatland ! This edit of the TOP finalist WAAAAAAAY crazy with the level of every riders tricks / lines…..WATCH….NOW ! THANKS , TIMES 7……Effraim , Martti , Toon ….and EVERYONE involved in M.O.C. ,from the year it started till TODAY in 2020 !!!

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