Episode 53: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Trevor Meyer


Welcome back, today we have a real treat for you!
Trevor Meyer during the 90’s was the most prolific contest rider on the globe, and Trevor is still going strong as you will see in this 53rd episode of the Flatmattersonline exclusives!
Freshly baptised this week, Trevor comes through with an awesome bar spin ice cream line pivot into pumping inside switch-b, smooth as glass! Trevor in my opinion, is one of the best to ever touch a 20 inch freestyle BMX bike, his tricktionary is as deep as anyones in the game, so stoked he came through with an FM exclusive.
Thanks Trevor for contributing!

Whose got episode 54?

11 thoughts on “Episode 53: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Trevor Meyer

  1. Wow Trevor is still riding? I thought he quit… Great news he’s still rolling and progressing. Awesome link here totally Meyer style! Curious about that frame.. Custom GT? Haro kneesaver bars??

  2. So good to see something fresh from him, amazing bike control and skills as usual!
    Hope to see more from him soon..
    Good job, thank you!

  3. Super inspiration! Difficulty plus style and ease. I feel like Trevor was the first mid school rider to be really consistent and always make scuffing switching and rolling look fluid and stylish.

  4. Well, we’re talking about one of the best flatlanders in the world, I had the privilege of seeing your show with the GT BICYCLES team in 1997 here in BRAZIL, a very humble, creative, focused and consistent athlete, a great example, after seeing him so, i completely changed my training mode and the view i had about being a flatland bmx athlete. Congratulations Trevor continue in the game …

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