Episode 75: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Barre Neirynck


What’s up everyone? It’s time for episode 75 of the Flatmattersonline exclusives, today it’s the turn of Barre Neirynck out of Belgium. Barre comes through with a solid whiplash to hang 10 seat grab move combo’ing it multiple times before a stomped out exit to pedals! BOOM!!!
Barre threw down an amazing Urban Waves contest a few years back in Belgium, and today I’m stoked to see this fresh clip out of him.
Thanks Barre for contributing, whose got episode 76? Dropping Wednesday.

6 thoughts on “Episode 75: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Barre Neirynck

  1. Well done sir! Solid ride out indeed. Hang 10s lookin smooth aslink,ss with the turbine and spin steez. Are you planning on floating the back tire throughout the link, or was the combo more intended to build and push the whiplash hang 10 stuff? All dope regardless. Got me stoked to sesh. Ride on!

    • thx BZ
      to answer your question the combo was not planning to floating the back wheel.
      The dream is to catch the ride out in back manual ,jump 360 out…
      Great to hear I got you stoked for your session, hope you had a good one..

  2. First of all………loving the tight circle whiplash into the one handed hang ten ! So smooth and stylish . The immediate turbine / boomerang catching to steam…… is quick / tech as well ! The Mc circle / whopper STOMP to pedals SLLAAAMMED , also……catching some air before you catch pedals , digging THAT ! So you’re planning on landing to a manual to 3 hop , huh ?! That would RULE ……..in my personal opinion manuals and 3 hops are two of the hardest moves in BMX . I’ve tried both for MANY moons , failed ……and have just settled for rockets and 3 tire taps , hahahahaha…….but seriously I dig your riding ! Your session spot edit was RAD , flowing , styled out lines with some tech and steez thrown in every line ! I actually have been letting that edit digest / sink in , still……..and was gonna comment on it ……right before you dropped this dope exclusive line ! Again , super cool line and I’m STOKED to see even more of your riding , Barre !!

    • Hey Rodney

      Thx for your positive comment, appreciated 100%!!!!
      The landing manual 3hop is faaaaaaaar from a reality in my riding.
      so many trick I need to learn and I don’t get any younger.
      So I think I will need to come back several life times to learn all these trick hahahah.
      For now I’m happy with my progression on the bike, but getting them pulled on a daily basics is a whole other story…
      Always searching to progress, the bmx story never ends, and thats the beauty of this sport/art form.
      thx for the motivation you give me!!!
      Peace and Love
      Grtz Barre

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