Hideki Kawai: Cancer

As Hideki Kawai starts his battle with fighting cancer, he just published this emotional feeling edit with the help of Yasushi Tanabe. Incredible pedal steam lines in this one, well worth a watch. We wish Hideki all our best for his fight with cancer, thinking of you and the family! Get well soon!

15 thoughts on “Hideki Kawai: Cancer

  1. Really touching video…. Amazing links with hard pedal tricks barflipping all the way.. Arigato Hideki. Keep the fight…. Just quit smoking!

  2. Thanks for peep gaming this new edit of Hideki , Effraim ! Hideki …..prayers going up for you , bruv…… and just know that cats like myself and others worldwide REALLY enjoy your riding today….and have been for many years . Even back when you were shredding on that scratched up green frame in 2002 ! This edit REALLY shook up my mind before I rode yesterday . All of your signature strength / power pedal steam links ….all flowed with so much damn ease …..it’s like you’re on the freaking PEGS , man ! I’ve been doing a particular full bar to pedal twitch since damn March 26 1999 ……to THIS day it’s STILL like 4 pulled out of 17 attempts ! Haha…….so I can’t even IMAGINE doing a full bar to pedal twitch, ROLLING !! I swear , Hideki ……my entire session I was thinking about your riding / THIS edit…….it REALLY gave me a reality check and a mental kick in the head ! That’s a GOOD thing though ,as watching riders who are WAAAAAAY more skilled than me……it motivates me and actually helps tricks my brain into getting certain twitches , pivots , and transitions done in a shorter amount of time ……rather than just being ” inside of my own head ” while I’m wrestling with certain moves , haha ! I STILL fail miserably @ these moves with LOADS of failed attempts ……..but at least it’s a little less failed attempts , haha. Anyway THANK YOU , TIMES 7 again , Hideki ! I can watch your riding all day , bruv . So much difficulty , and flow ! I bet your kid is VERY proud ! Keep fighting / riding ……..

  3. Wow awesome, I’ve gotta rewatch at-least several times! Very emotional clip too, well done in many respects. Keep up the fight!

  4. Seems only yesterday since we had to say our last goodbyes to Seiji Sakata.

    Sending much love and strength to Hideki Kawai to continue his fight against this awful disease!

  5. The pedal steam is the blender of steamroller variations, and damn Hideki, you got the pedal steam game on lock. Just want to send out positive vibes, thoughts, prayers, and love to a flatland brother and his family. Fuck cancer, hit it with full strength bro.

  6. Shit, fucking cancer!..
    Very sweet and emotional video, visual poetry..
    Those lines are as smooth as hard, so nice!
    Wish you all the best, keep fighting and come back soon please!

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