Episode 76: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Rodney Williams


What is up everybody? It is time for episode 76 of the Flatmattersonline Exclusives, today it is the turn of the one and only Rodney Williams!
Rodney comes through with his second FM clip, and 77 is more in keeping with Rodney’s style. Throwing down a long line, love the circle k pedal bar flips in this one. This is a move that I used to do a long time ago, and seeing Rodney do these made me feel like learning these once again. It’s great that clips can inpire you like that!
Thanks Rodney for the motivation, and for contributing.

Whose got episode 77? Hopefully dropping Sunday…

16 thoughts on “Episode 76: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Rodney Williams

    • Thank you , JAY FLATLDN ! I appreciate the love , campeon ! I’m just paying tribute to Andy Menz , Nate Hanson , and……..OF COURSE , Effraim Catlow with this exclusive . Watching my combo , it’s VERY obvious , haha…..it’s all their stuff from 1994 to 1996 !! MID SCHOOL , TIMES 7 …….

  1. Another banger link. Think I counted 5 bar flips in there?! All slightly different variations. You slaughtered this one Rodney! Even threw in a history clip with the OG article shot. I bet you got the sickest bmx mag collection to flip through. Hours easily lost hahaha!! So stoked on this! I saw your suggestion you posted to push/add to the episode 66 clip. I got something in the works for that one, and there’s the lil combo I was initially trying to get on film for over a month and a half before I diverted and threw that one down. I still haven’t hit this thing but its got 2 brand new tricks for me in it, one of which I’ve never landed before. Trying to film a clip in one take and land something that I’ve never hit while doing it has proven to take longer than I had hoped, but it’ll be worth it. Eventually I’ll be able to drop long smooth links like this one you just threw down. It’s a piece by piece building process, kinda like getting your building blocks together then stacking them up how you want. You got your flow locked down solid, the time you’ve put in is paying off and it shows in your riding. As always, thanks for the motivation and creative input Rodney! You absolutely Shredded this one!

    • BZ ! STOKED for your second upcoming exclusive , bruv ! I KNOW it’s gonna SLLLLAAAAMMM HARD . Your riding RULES , take your time piecing and creating your new line . I KNOW it’ll be WORTH the wait ! Hell bruv , I’m STILL watching your last exclusive line ! Thank you for the love always, my bruv . It’s really motivating , TIMES 7 . My BMX magazine collection is HUGE , haha…..especially being that other riders I know even gave me their ENTIRE collections , haha. I’ve put in WAAAAY too much time trying to dial my lines , taking ALOT of influence and exact twitches , variations , and transitions from cats like Andy Menz , Nate Hanson and Effraim ….as this exclusive combo shows , haha ! You RULE , BZ and it’s gonna be a rad day on this site ……….when YOU drop exclusive number 81 , 81 , I’m hoping for ! Rolling , pivot , turbine game …….ON LOCK = B to the Z !!!

  2. Yes Rodney!! One banger after another I. This one. I’ll never be able to scuff a circle K on the pedal, so it blows my mind that you can BARFLIP it!! Keep tearing it up man!!

    • Coming from THE man who LEVELED UP his A.F.A. Dream Run for 2021 ( I CAN’T STOP watching it and am gonna call you to rant and rant and rant about it , soon ! ) I can TOTALLY see you bar flipping a pedal -K …..hell , I can see you doing ANY damn thing you desire , Art , haha ! You’ve progressed , evolved , and CREATED stuff on your bike since freaking 1993 , FULLY keeping up with the ” Joneses ” while kicking MUCH ass in GLOBAL contests , SLLLAAAAMMING DOWN countless edits and DIALING the BRAKELESS game in LESS than 8 MONTHS of removing them ! ( W.T.H. ??! ) There’s a reason WHY I’ve avidly kept up with your riding Mr. Thomason ……..degree of difficulty , originality , and CONSTANT progression …..AT ALL TIMES !!

    • EVERY DAMN 2027 Jedi , water bending , zero gravity ,rolling combo …….that Cicman….. the BMX Flatland Ronin ( YOU ) have uploaded on your You Tube channel is BEYOND good ………..I’ve watched just about EVERY combo …….wild thing is….. you uploaded like 20 of em in LESS than a MONTH ………MADNESS !

  3. So nice Rodney! Love all those technical barflips and bike control!..
    Always a pleasure to watch your riding!
    Good job again!

    • THANKS , TIMES 7 , Renaud !! It’s RAD still watching YOUR edits from YEEEAARS ago( That sh-t STILL HAMMERS da Flatland game in 2021 , no b.s. !! ) Loads of PROGRESSIVE , FLOWING , HAAARD sh-t , on BOTH wheels !! Renaud …….FLATMATTERS Exclusive number 83 ……YOU , please sir ! Now THAT would freaking SLLLLLLAAAMM !! You’re HIGHLY skilled , bruv !

    • Cheers Amos ! Thank you , mate ! How bout this ?? We BOTH get another one done !! I’d love to see your riding MORE on this site . Your last exclusive was dope ….fire haul , bar flip flavor ……. that was so SWEEET !

  4. King Rodney is back with another flippity switchity crazy line all in signature Mr. Williams style! Thanks for this campeon! I want that T shirt Big E!

  5. All hail the BMX King of Greece ( YOU , Giannis ! ) Your last edit was progressive like Dorkin 4 and a half !! Thank you , cabrone ! Flippity / switchity ……wow , Jason Brown r.i.p. , used to talk that kind of BMX slang describing Flatland …..crazy you said that ! Being that I still highly look up to Jason’s riding …..makes your comment , props even MORE rad !! Love ya , Giannis ! Keep taking the sport to the UNKWOWN / DREAM LEVEL state , like you’ve BEEN doing for YEARS and YEARS ! I’m loving EVERY edit you unleash …..my shirt ??! FLATLANDFUEL.COM !! Go order one , campeon ! YOU wearing / riding in one will REALLY stoke me , TIMES 7 ! ( you BUST OUT your ICONIC cross- X-leg hitchhikers ……..while my wack ass does REGULAR hitchhikers ( all ugly , sketchy and zambony style , hahahahaha ! ) It would do me proud for us both to be riding wearing the SAME shirt ! ( That’s a COVER shot of FREESTYLIN magazine, with KEVIN JONES doing a NO handed , crouched over side yard on my shirt ! I STILL have THAT magazine , got it when I was in 8th grade , haha….)

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