Episode 8: Flatmattersonline exclusives with Kio Hayakawa

Events are being postponed, and cancelled it seems almost daily with the worldwide spread of the Corona virus pandemic.

Thankfully flatland can be something some of us can do in isolation, if you have a home spot or something close to that.
When I started the fm exclusives back up again, I was talking to Kio Hayakawa about producing a clip. Two months in, and Kio comes up with a clip that will make your head shake like it did mine.
The 2019 Flatmattersonline most progressive and breakthrough rider delivers us all a treat! Anyone wanna go riding after watching this?!!!

Thank you Kio for contributing, whose got the next clip?

12 thoughts on “Episode 8: Flatmattersonline exclusives with Kio Hayakawa

  1. In 2 mind’s, as is the case, sometimes with riders of this calibre. 1 is, l’m inferior & the other’s, l’m in total awe. Kio’s balance, switching from peg to pegs are waaay above any l’ve seen. The other thing that l agree with is, yes we’re lucky that we can ride in isolation despite Corona.Thank you Kio & E.

  2. This combo is just MENTAL …..another contender for LINE OF 2020 , for this site . That crazy cross left , inside rope roll to switch -B , bar flipping / switching hands , ending up in a double foot back yard roll , @ 21 and a half seconds , CRAZY good ! Id swear THAT is a N.B.D. ??!! Kio just seemed to have just appeared on the scene …..and started friggin RULING it !! Mad respect , TIMES 7 ! Got more to say about this combo later…………its so damn dope !

  3. His blender JUMP / SWITCH to switch hand rope spin @ 40 SECONDS , as well as exiting this AMAZING line …….WITH a crazy SWITCH / BACKSIDE decade ! This guy has TOO much skill , such an AGGRO combo that’s packed full of HAMMERS…………..

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