Episodes 21-30: Flatmattersonline Exclusives


It’s time for the Flatmattersonline exclusives, episodes 21-30. Check out the new timestamp feature on the videos, where you can scroll through the video and see the listings as they happen. Thank you to Joe Cicman, James White, Brett Downs, James McGraw, Romulo Guerra, Thiago Baby, Lindsey La’akea, Art Thomason, Amos Burke, and Bryan Huffman for all contributing!

5 thoughts on “Episodes 21-30: Flatmattersonline Exclusives

  1. i am super happy to be part on this, its inspire me when i see those guys older than me doing hard and interesting tricks as James , Bryan ,Art; also stoked whith lindsey variations, nice to see my friend Thiago who doesnt use social network. keep doing it boys. we are who should say thanks for your job Effraim

    • Thanks a lot Romulo, it is a lot of work for sure for running the site, and editing. But recently since this pandemic I had so much time to kill, it kinda worked out well for exclusive content on the site.
      Keep on shredding Romulo, love the flavour you bring to your riding. And that spot at home must be golden right now. Stay safe…

  2. Nice my friend! It’s always a pleasure to get footages when I have opportunity, I going to 42 and always very motivating for me for sure riders 40 -50up. I really Love it!!!!
    Lets keeping riding 50up for sure if God allows, only and always Flatland lifer!

  3. Great line of riders! I think this is the best thing on the website at the moment as we see mix riders from everywhere at their spots and this is very inspiring! Congrats to all
    for contributing and Of course to you E for the great idea of working this and for your time

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