Episode 32: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Paul Chamberlain


Welcome back to Flatmattersonline exclusive clips, today we feature British ex pat, Paul Chamberlain. Paul made the move down under, as he was reaching pro level here in the UK. When Paul left, due to our small scene, you really noticed Paul’s absence from the UK scene. Not only with his riding, but his enthusiasm, and general charisma.
I’m only always stoked when Paul comments on the site, and puts in his two cents, it was likewise great when he contacted me with a clip which he commented he learnt during the pandemic.

Paul comes through with a nice switch foot backwards ice cream pivot to two footed dump truck for the 32nd episode, thank you Paul for contributing.

Who’s got episode 33, dropping Wednesday. 5pm GMT.

17 thoughts on “Episode 32: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Paul Chamberlain

  1. The quick pick up /switch , to single cross left kick , to switch hand- rope roll was mint ! Changing directions , via ice cream , pivoting to that two foot dump truck roll was SLLAAAMMMED , as well . Well done , Paul ! Really dope , ya learning this line , then getting it documented . Ive noticed you’ve been in those rad Aussie online flatland contests for the past couple years , and doing well in them , props on that as well . Again , really solid line …….front brake on the SWITCH side of your bars , these days , huh ?? Hmmmmm……Im very curious WHAT ELSE you are up to riding wise , haha . I bet its some rad stuff you have in the works !

    • Thanks for the kind words Rodney. The front brake is legitimately only for stopping. I have never successfully completed any trick whatsoever using a brake. I would however very much like to, and that’s definitely not going to happen if I’m brakeless!

      I want to do some stuff like Fester style. Boomerang tap the brake hang 5. Something like that… It’s been a long time since I did front wheel stuff though. If I do it again I want it to be something new. I hate the feeling of chasing old stuff and not being able to get it. When it’s done it’s done I guess.

      • Youre very welcome , bruv ! Awesome line ! I bet you definitely could bust some of that boomerang / hang five stuff , being that some of your front wheel lines have that kinda technical flavor to them …..especially your third to last edit and video section . Your progression @ your riding seems on point to me ! Chasing old stuff , trying it , getting it 1 out of 300 tries , haha. I too used to really hate that ……until …..participating in the 2018 M.O.C. . Took some older stuff , but added some new twist to it ……bar flipping brakeless , using the pedal , and some other details to make it a lil more newer ……..but it does still takes 300 tries to pull it once , hahaha……but duuuuuuuuude is it a serious RUSH when it does finally get pulled , even if its only ONCE ! Hahaha…..M.O.C. changed my entire agenda , and way that I session , haha……speaking of new stuff ……again ,your third to last edit , when you were still riding a chrome frame , straight rear cable , etc……ALL those front wheel lines RULED . A lot of flow / style to em ,too ! You outta incorporate some of that stuff into your new goals on the front wheel . I still love watching that stuff of yours . Its different , difficult , technical and still very relevant !! Cheers , Paul …..best wishes in your new direction of front wheel flavor………and AGAIN …….ALL that stuff you would do while on Inertia bike company was SO dope !!!

    • I’m still out there man! Just busy this year because I became a high school teacher. I can’t ride as much during term time and I can’t handle looking at all you guys doing it, so I bailed on Instagram. Also, there was too much crazy shit on page that I couldn’t risk students finding it! Good to hear from you man.

      • Congratulations man! Glad to know you are still at it 🙂 How fortunate for your students to have such a rad teacher!

  2. Paul Chamberlain is a fantastic bmx flatland rider and this combo proves it. I wonder if he will reply to this comment though. If he does i will believe Santa is real……….

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