Forget What you Heard is available to watch and download!

Forget What You Heard from Diversion TV on Vimeo.

We live in an era where social media makes seeing daily BMX videos easy. So we set out to do something that wasn’t just a flash in the pan Instagram clip or quick YouTube video. Something that all the riders really took their time to film.

The goal was to present something that had a wide variety of styles and personalities from riders who don’t normally release full parts often, if at all. We attempted to create a certain vibe from start to finish. Something different than what you are used to seeing.

Forget what you heard…

A film by Steven Lapsley. Featuring full sections by Ahmed Johnson, Gurvan Le Bloc’h, Hirokazu Miura, Jérémy Brosset, Joris Bretagnolles, Mateus Beckmann, Naoto Tamaru, Rodolphe Clavelier and Yorihisa Shiota.


Download it:

32 thoughts on “Forget What you Heard is available to watch and download!

  1. I admire and appreciate the commitment needed to produce a full length video nowadays. You are rewarded knowing you left your mark. True love. Riders are amazing, thank you and keep pushing.

  2. Thanks Amos, thanks Oliver. The riders involved put in a lot of work and it showed. I’m stoked that I was able to work with them on this.

  3. Fantastic! The quality/variety of riding, presentation and music were all great, in my humble opinion! Have watched it several times, already!

  4. Kind of waiting for Effraim trick break down but for the moment my favorite segments are the Mateus segment, the Ahmed segment, and the Miura segment. There is something really unpolished and gravity defying in the Ahmed and Miura segments. That crossfooted backyard uncross and that cross footed peg wheelie to forward death truck by Ahmed are so sick..

    • That’s nice to hear Morgann! I actually thought about doing a truck by trick but came to the thinking I would tackle this video project in the form of an interview. Switch it up a bit. Great to see such a good response to the video.

  5. Outstanding work, Steve! Such a beautiful and selfless contribution to flatland. You and the riders all did an incredible job! Kudos!

  6. It’s really humbling hearing the responses to this video project. Thanks to everyone who watched. Working on this project with these riders was personal. They put a lot of work into this for me and I put a lot of work in return for them. I’m really proud of the results. All the hard work doesn’t matter (for the riders or the one editing) if no one watches it. So the most heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone that watched and everyone that reached out to me afterwards. Effraim thanks for featuring this project this long. Bobby Carter/Diversion TV thanks for hosting the video. I look forward to the next one 😉

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