Hang 5 Podcast Episode 31 with Pete Brandt

While in Houston for the Jam Circle contest in Feb 2023, Francois got a chance to sit down with legendary Nor-Cal shredder Pete Brandt. We discuss his BMX roots, his influences, his tricks, his bikes, contests, travels, shows, his views on the sport and so much more.

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3 thoughts on “Hang 5 Podcast Episode 31 with Pete Brandt

  1. Another banger Francois! Love to hear Pete’s perspective and opinions on all things. Crazy rad rider and role model to many of us. It’d be so dope to ride and chill with the guy. Thanks to all who got this out to us.

  2. Listened to this like 3 times , ha. Thank you , Francois . Pete’s disciplined demeanor to session every day at all costs is inspiring and core . Explains his riding level , even after years of hiatus. He’s a cool cat ,also. Met him in 2017 @ the San Antonio Rodeo .True O.G. that has pioneered the sport since 1988 ! I just recently learned a move of his that’s a photo on my wall still to this day ( from 1988 ! ) from Go BMX magazine ( bar spin junk yard ! ) back when he used to session to 415 and 3rd Bass ……..a true lifer who will NEVER stop progressing on his bike. His Jam Circle contest battles proved that …….speaking of O.G. shredders , Francois. I have another one to suggest for the next podcast . Pete even mentions his name……BOBBY BURGE . Just putting it out there , ha……..also…….Chris Woodling riding @ the clock tower with Pete . THAT rules . I love Woodling’s riding and still watch his Bedroom BMX edits , part 1 and 2 ……HANG FIVE PODCAST !!

    • You re the man Rodney! Thank you for the support, kind words, suggestions and endless positivity. We need more of you in Flatland!

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