Must Watch: Alex Jumelin 2K23

Stoked this morning to wake up to a fresh winter riding edit from Alex Jumelin! So good to see Alex go in, and drop so many new switches in this 2K23 edit filmed by his wife Elodie. There’s a lot to take in on both wheels, love the invisible hand opposite Karl jump to forward Karl at the 00:40 mark.

Edit of the year so far, great to see a top heavy hitting pro like Alex show us what he’s working on, who’s got next?! Flatland needs more of this!!!

3 thoughts on “Must Watch: Alex Jumelin 2K23

  1. Loved him going in to start the session with that Chiba jacket . ( talk about his seasoned contest strategy during the entire Chiba X-Games contest ,for that matter ! ) Ya gotta have a quick , trained eye to catch Jumelin’s new stuff . ( an appreciation for subtle , original ,technical details ,also . ) His Vader roll , step around to QUICK I-Hop stance -walk around to Mc Circle , the turbine neanderthals ( YES ! ) , the way he steps to half hiker as he’s in that backwards cross Karl about to turbine……….and the way he comes out to the other side , via a rope spin , right cross kick , drop to rocket to his stylish / steezed ,over taker to pedal stance muppet / bar flip -walk over ……I loved all of it and even the ambient techno song. Although in my opinion when Alex is riding to Booba . It brings out an even MORE intense swag to his riding……..MUST WATCH indeed , thank you , Effraim….

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