12 thoughts on “Chris Vasileiou: Flatland Motivation / Un Concept Different

    • Thanks a lot for the support! It is my private homespot, the most valuable property in my life because it is the only place I can express myself to the fullest…!

  1. You got such sick style Chris! The fluid transitions back n forth between frame stand tomahawks and xfoot inward steam variations and turbines. Daaaaaaaaaamn. Don’t stray from your path. You’re creating something amazing there. Thanks for sharing with us! Stoked!

    • I am really honored by such kind of words BZ!!! It really means to me when people get the message through my riding…! Thank you!!!

  2. Since his first 2015, B.I.T.R. long line entry video I’ve been a huge fan ……. Frame , stem ,and cross bar stance tomahawks , with pedal stance freak squeaks ….just mixing all of those moves up really stands out these days . No one is really even up on this stuff in 2023 . Chris blends it all up with tea kettle pull throughs , spinning switch hikers , turbines and SICK style . Stoked to see this edit . Vasileiou has been doing his own thing for some years now. That’s what contributing to flatland is all about . He’s got hard stuff AND original flavor . The fact that he’s slamming down these lines @ 2.30 A.M. after / before his medical work shifts is too hardcore as well . Keep ruling Chris and I love when you session to Booba . Again , that’s why this site rules …….it’s how I came across rippers like Chris Vasileiou !

    • I am really humbled Rodney and very happy you can see the path of my Flatland riding… This kind of words add on keeping the Flatland fire burning inside me, so as to unfold my artistic side on the bike as raw as possible… Flatland for life…!

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