10 thoughts on “JomoPro 2012 Best trick edit

  1. Cracking edit Jim! Good to see the ams in their too. Really like the crashes, and the fails, in there with the pulled stuff. Its realistic. Thats real flatland!

  2. First of I love best trick contest it is what flatland is all about but from what iv seen Ikeda won hands down no contest!

    – Multiple original tricks linked together


    Peg wheelie wip to the floor to pedal pump pick up to another wip
    (Hard but not original or creative at all)

    Maybe if the first wip was landed to manual there would of been a contest.

    This isn’t rocket science go knows how judges can get this shit wrong.

  3. When all is said and done, it is Uchino Yoshiki’s understated/underated executuion of that ‘Best trick’ that personally will stick in my mind!
    Shit hot I say!

  4. It’s true that we can debate who won… I put this together to promote the CONCEPT, as I think it’s what flatland needs more of right now. Thanks for the space here, and positive feedback!

  5. i agree with jm we need lots more.. and i am sure there will be lots more.. and i am so glad to not be a judge ,they have a hard job to do. and big props to the one’s that did step up. and everyone did amazing tricks. great edit jm!

  6. I love the idea of best trick as well. I remember one time getting to compete in one. I think the outcome was something like this, one of the underdogs won doing a link routine to them, while myself and some of the other favorites to win tried to do tricks they have rarely or never pulled before and were complete failures. I hope to see this at more contests.

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