King of Concrete 1999 Open Practise

Chris Carter just sent this this rad blast from the past, open practise from the 1999 King of Concrete at Southsea Skatepark featuring the likes of Alex Jumelin, Martti Kuoppa, Michael Sommer, Gernot Ibounig, (myself) Effraim Catlow, Sam Foakes, Lee Musselwhite, Chris Carter,James Needham, and so many more riders. As you will see, the sessions were so busy!

5 thoughts on “King of Concrete 1999 Open Practise

  1. @ 9 .39 MINUTES , Kuoppa ! His pinky to bar small side squeak , QUICK pivot to back side Cobain kick , reach over ,grabbing the bar , to staple gun roll , THEN bar flipping to side squeak to Karl , like IMMEDIATELY …… then catching the frame to a decade ! Gernot Ibounig just flowing @ 59 SECONDS , also !! Damn , E …….Ive been trying to remember THAT cats name for like the past 8 months , haha….always dug his riding / links . He kinda had a Jason Brown R.I.P. , kinda older Paul Osicka type way to his combos , LOVED THAT ! During this time period , him riding that Schwinn orange Azrael frame …..THAT is my favorite era in his riding , TIMES 7………Id love to see just what hes up to these days on his bike . I know Irina mentioned him in her recent interview on this site . STOKED to see all this SLLLAAAAAAMMMED footage of K.O.C. , 1999 ! Thing about PRACTICE footage , especially RAW footage……you get to catch riders randomly tossing some SERIOUS hammers , just feeling their flow on their bikes ! MORE OF THIS , please ! Gracias Chris Carter / Big -E for this post-share……it STOKES my morning before work. Also ……DOPE , seeing you , Effraim and Sommer throwing down as well ! Effraim …….yours riding during Mothers Day weekend in Atlanta @ Chris Days A.F.L. contest 2000 , I think ??! Your combos and again……THAT link , starting with 180 AND 360 PEDAL cowboy squeaks to START the line , WITH kick flips , back TO back , Cobain pivots , switch hand steam 360 bar flips , etc ,etc……THAT combo is @ the end of INFINITE PIECES ! During your Haro era ……just like Gernot back then…….I really dig ALL that stuff of yours . Cheers , E !

    • Gernot is super rad, ive meet him two years in a row at the One Love jam. Watching this back was super crazy, theres so many names in attendance, and everyone battling for space to ride. Just look at the amount of people at the flatland area!

  2. Gernot at the One Love BMX Jam in Califas ??!! THAT rules , E ! I guess he lives in L.A. , since seeing him in that Hardcore Sick flatland video from 1996 . Remember how that video heavily covered a lot of riders repping the H.B. flatland scene , all the F.F.s , etc ,etc ?! Ive been wanting / needing to get to one of the One Love BMX Jams , as I heard from Diego Tejada , Bobby Burge ….that theyre a lot of fun ! Darin has been inviting my wack ass to come through …….and I always say the exact same thing as Ive told you , Effraim concerning B.I.T.R. …yeah , yeah bruv , next year , next year ! Hahaha…….I need to get to some of these , haha . Damn , youre spot on , Big -E …….LOADS of riders battling for space , just about colliding mid-line ! This K.O.C. was chocked FULL , TIMES 7 , THATS a good thing ! Thanks a lot , Jon Knight ….I checked your channel……you have some really SLLLAAAAAMMMMED , GOOD riding footage of past K.O.C.s , I love watching RAW contest / practice footage . ZERO editing necessary !! MORE of THIS !

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