Master of Creativity 2020 registration is open!

Registration is open for the 2020 Master of Creativity, the deadlines for submitting are most likely going to be put back as many of us go into lockdown with Coronavirus pandemic affecting us all. This is as good time as any, to rewatch last years top 5 entries, and get hyped on this years MOC competition!

Hit the link:

2 thoughts on “Master of Creativity 2020 registration is open!

  1. Just wondering if John Yull retired? He did very well in this a few years ago. Haven’t seen any vids from him in a while now. Thanks.

    • John’s out there in Texas, riding in isolation I am sure Fred. He has to be fair, been more self isolated than anyone I can think of for years. Just appearing for MOC entries and disappearing again. Would be nice to see him ride again for sure….

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